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with APA blogosphere lingo, “IR disparity” refers to the Asian American heterosexual male’s gripe with Asian American heterosexual females dating and marrying “out,” as in getting it on with non-Asians. There’s this mysterious Tyra Banks statistic, which I cannot find the source of, but if Tyra Banks says it is so, then it must be so, that more than 75% of the interracial dating scene is between Asian females and white males.

Yes, it’s a gripe, a petulant, nagging, neverending , albeit a legitimate, validated gripe. Last year, the Pew Research Center came out with a report titled “Marrying Out” that found Asians to marry out at the highest frequency among all races, with 40% of the Asians marrying out being female (and only 20% of Asian males marrying out). Mate Preferences and Matching Outcomes in Online Dating” suggests there are attribute trade-offs in mate preferences, specifically in income to ethnicity, and found that an Asian male who wants a white woman needs to make 7,000 more than a white man who wants to get that same white woman.

I propose that all straight unmarried women (and since this is 8A, I’m specifically directing the proposition at women of Asian-descent everywhere, hapas this includes you too) agree to a 50% quota, hereinafter the Quota. If half of them aren’t yellow or some warm happy tone of brown, you’ve got a lot of catching up work to do.

In fact, if you are single right now, make it a point for your next romantic encounter to be with an Asian dude.

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“There was one time we went to Tesco,” remembers Otukoya.

Sites such as 8A and more recently Big, among others have posted frequently about the IR disparity, with each post inciting quite the wrath from what at least appears on the surface to be APA males, though with the blogosphere, one never really knows.

The most recent one, here, has brought out some really intriguing though unoriginal characters: boys crying, “you girls don’t think we’re good enough; you don’t love your own kind” and the girls saying back, “uh… Even if there aren’t that many Asian males walking about the town you live in, once we get this demand going, Asian male mail order sites and Asian male “me love long time” pop culture references will crop up for sure and soon enough we’ll be seeing creepy Ad Sense ads promoting the Asian male fetish all over 8A.

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